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    Harken’s Favorite Megayacht Winches Now Offer More Power and Speed


    Power-Megayacht-WinchesPull More with New Harken Power Gear Winches 
    The 1130 and 1135 wide-body megayacht winches have a new reduced-gear version to increase pulling power in first gear. Both winches now have an optional 2.5:1 gear ratio in place of the direct drive 1:1. In first gear the new 1130 can pull up to 500 kg and the 1135 can pull up to 600 kg. In third gear they have an overall maximum pulling power of 9 and 11 tons, respectively. Both have a top speed of 100 m of line per minute with their new configurations.

    "With their wide-body drums, the new 1130 and 1135 power gear versions are still fast for jibes and mark roundings," explains Harken Custom Sales Manager, Corinne Rich, "but this new version gives megayacht owners the extra shot of pulling power needed for fast trimming and hoisting of large downwind sails." The power gear version of the 1130 and available in hardcoat-anodized aluminum, aluminum with carbon top and base, or all-stainless finishes. Optional free-spinning carbon base sheaves enable cross-sheeting.

    Harken 1120 Winches Overhauled for More Power
    Power-Megayacht-Winches_1120HLThe 1120 winch has received an extensive redesign to increase the pulling power to 8.5 tons. The 1120HL  transmission and housing now keeps pace with our other high-load winches such as the 1111 and 1130. The drum height has increased to accept more wraps for high loads, and a new push-button on the top of the winch immediately switches to the 2.5:1 first gear.

    "We are always looking to get more power and efficiency without drastically affecting weight," says Italian Engineering Manager, Michele Cazzaro. "The groundwork was already done and it was only natural to take the refined transmission of our other performance winches to improve the capabilities of the 1120." The new high-load 1120HL is available in hardcoat-anodized aluminum, aluminum with carbon top, or all-stainless finishes.

    The wide drums retrieve line quickly and provide extra surface area to secure high-tech lines. Winches can be trimmed by pedestal or hydraulic motor for power, or with a standard winch handle for fine-tune control. Aerospace pre-preg lamination techniques and autoclave curing maximize the stiffness of carbon fiber components. Low-wear roller bearings offer superior efficiency. Gears and pins are machined from 17-4PH stainless steel for maximum strength and durability.

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