Harken Introduces New Performa™ Racing Winch


    50.3STP.jpg1:1 Direct Drive Allows High-Speed Trimming

    Pewaukee, WI - The lightweight 50.3STP is the latest addition to Harken's Performa™ racing winch line and provides the perfect balance between speed and power. The direct-drive first gear allows crew to set and unset the headsail quickly and to fast-trim the genoa when the pressure is light. Two higher-powered gears handle the heavier work. As an added bonus, these winches weigh only 6.8 kg-perfect for Class 40 and performance sportboats looking to shave a little weight.

    "We developed the 50.3 STP Performa at the request of the Class 40 and IRC who needed a winch with a fast 1:1 direct drive for trimming and rolling headsails," said Jean Martin, Technical Manager, Harken France. "These winches are efficient, durable, and give trimmers that perfect balance between speed and holding power they're looking for-all in a compact, lightweight package."

    Performa Winches complement Harken's carbon racing line with a lower-cost alternative in smaller sizes. The Performa features a sandblasted drum optimized for halyard and sheeting applications using smaller high-tech racing lines.

    Aluminum drums feature an integral skirt. Strong, lightweight composite roller bearings have excellent corrosion resistance and don't require lubrication. Composite thrust ball bearings let the drum spin easily under light loads. The snap-fit design keeps bearings captive when the drum is removed for maintenance. Load-carrying gears, pins, and pawls are 17-4 PH stainless steel. Minimal space between upper and lower self-tailing jaws on the ST and Quattro versions ensures superior holding power on small-diameter line.

    Performa winches are designed for easy maintenance and straightforward upgrades to power. The stripper arm completely covers the winch top to prevent fingers and clothing from catching in rotating parts. Performa winches are available in one speed in size 20; two speeds in sizes 35, 40, 46, 50, 60, 70, and 80; three speeds in sizes 50, 60, 70, and 80. Quattros are available in sizes 40 and 46.

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