Harken Develops New Air® Winches for Winged America’s Cup Class Catamarans


    Air-winch.jpgPewaukee, WI - Harken today announced a new breed of two-speed winches specifically designed for trimming the hard wing sail on AC48 boats. They feature a set of interchangeable gearing kits that give America's Cup teams the flexibility to create the perfect blend of speed and power for each day's weather and crew configuration. With a white ceramic-coated drum, and a nearly empty middle to reduce weight, they will be instantly recognizable on the new generation of winged foiling America's Cup catamarans.

    The hollow middle is a first for sailing winches, as are the changeable gear kits. Winches will have seven interchangeable first-speed options and six second-speed options. A 200 mm drum allows fewer wraps, fast trimming and faster easing. Harken produces both standard and counter-rotating versions for correct lead angles from either side of the catamaran.

    "During the last Cup, the four teams used different models of Harken winches for the wing. It was a sure sign that there was an opportunity to develop a unique new winch for wing trimming," said Director of New Business Development, Mark Wiss. "Like our Air® blocks, this unusual new low-profile design is hollow in the center, drastically cutting down weight despite the wide drum needed for speed.

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