50 mm Trysail Switch

The trysail switch allows the mainsail and trysail to share a single track, greatly reducing weight aloft. This asymmetrical switch installs above the standard system and provides a crossover for trysail cars to utilize the mainsail track. The trysail cars are loaded at deck level and travel past the gooseneck and flaked mainsail onto the mainsail track. Switching of the cars is totally automatic; only trysail cars can travel onto the trysail track, while the mainsail cars pass through to the standard switch and storage tracks.

Cars are Hard Lube-anodized for durability and low friction. Track is hardcoat-anodized. The switch plate has no moving parts. Trysail and mainsail systems are available in 26, 32, and 50 mm sizes.

Use standard Switch System T-Track.

The track’s compound bend wraps around the mast section so cars pass next to the mainsail cars on the storage tracks, past the gooseneck and down to the deck. There, crew can safely load the trysail onto the track and raise the sail, leaving the mainsail flaked on the boom.

The compound track bend is determined by installer. Cars must not be under load in curved section.

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