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65 Top-Cleating Racing Winch — 3 Speed 65 Top-Cleating Racing Winch — 3 Speed 65 Top-Cleating Racing Winch — 3 Speed
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65 Top-Cleating Racing Winch — 3 Speed

Part No. B65.3TCR
Power ratio - 13.4:1
Power ratio - 215.7:1
Power ratio - 365.5:1

Carbon winches are standard in many racing classes and are also the choice of performance-oriented fast cruisers.
Winches feature carbon skirts and tops, aluminum drums, and strong composite jaws with one-piece sculpted line guide and peeler. PEEK® roller bearings are low-maintenance, reliable, and efficient. They ride in large-diameter cages, allowing more bearings to carry the load. Stainless steel drive gears are strong and durable. The AC versions of the 65.3ST and 65.2ST winches feature titanium gears for extremely high strength-to-weight ratios and exceptional resistance to corrosion.

Carbon winches come with up to three speeds and can be driven by handle, pedestal, or by electric or hydraulic motors.

Options include self-tailing arms, top cleats, free-spinning or ratcheting base sheave additions, and left-handed rotation.

If class rules dictate, winches are also available in all-aluminum with stainless steel gears.

Gear ratio - 11:1 
Gear ratio - 24.6:1 
Gear ratio - 319.2:1 
Power ratio - 13.4:1 
Power ratio - 215.7:1 
Power ratio - 365.5:1 
Drum Ø (mm)149 mm
Base Ø (mm)255 mm
Height (mm)226 mm
Weight (kg)11.5 kg
Line entry height (mm)83 mm
Fastener circle (mm)226 mm
Fasteners (mm)8 FH mm
Number of fasteners

DO NOT use Harken equipment for human suspension unless product is specifically certified and labeled for such use.

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