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Removable Padeyes

9 T Stainless Steel Assembly — Fits 629

Part No. HC8224
Above deck Ø (mm)108 mm
Maximum working load (kg)9070 kg

Harken® offers a variety of removable padeyes for blocks from 57 mm Black Magic®, to custom blocks with maximum working loads of 50,715 lbs (23,000 kg). Bases swivel so padeyes align to the load.

Deck cup component HC7403 
Top component HC7224 
Above deck Ø (mm)108 mm
Weight of deck cup (g)1179 g
Weight of top (g)807 g
Weight (kg)1.681 kg
Number of fasteners
Fasteners (mm)M12 mm
Maximum working load (kg)9070 kg
Use with 629, C6779 

DO NOT use Harken equipment for human suspension unless product is specifically certified and labeled for such use.

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